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Piano Technician Tutorials

PTT came about after many years of teaching piano technology at conventions, at local PTG meetings, and to students in a university setting. Handouts, and small booklets were written. They were not enough. Videos were produced, but they were still lacking. There had to be some way to effectively combine the two.

As an experienced educator Jim knew that there are many “learning styles” and that some people need to see things written out, while even more learn by seeing and hearing. While Jim still considers “doing” as the very best way to learn, he recognized there was a lack of good mentors that not only had high level piano tech skills, but who could also teach.

One day a student showed Jim something that was the answer he was looking for; eBooks! Jim immediately saw that this had the potential to do what he wanted. It was affordable, eBooks cost a fraction of what hard copy textbooks cost, it was portable, students could take them anywhere, and it was dynamic, meaning that the author could edit, add to, or change things at will without the need to reprint new editions. This was it!

As you look through our eBook we encourage you to give us feedback. “Dynamic” means that an eBook is sort of a “living document” that can be improved year after year. It is the hope of the publisher and the author that these eBooks will be a valuable addition to your learning library. We look forward to hearing from you, the reader.

Jim Busby

Jim Busby has worked as a concert technician for Snow College in Utah, for over 26 years, and simultaneously at Brigham Young University for the last 13 years. Receiving extensive training from Yamaha, Steinway and Kawai has given Jim a unique perspective that few technicians have been afforded. He has taught music as an adjunct teacher at Northland Pioneer College in Arizona, then at Snow College for nearly 30 years. Jim also has a large clientele of private customers and runs a small rebuilding shop.

Jim’s experience in education, coupled with his high level piano technician skills, have helped him become a sought after instructor at Piano Technician Guild conventions, Master Piano Technician conventions, regional PTG conferences, and local meetings, Jim believes the Piano Technician Tutorials and eBooks are an effective way to disseminate correct techniques and methods to those who, like Jim, continually seek to improve their skills and better serve their clients.