Piano Technician Tutorials are instructional iBooks on piano technology by Registered Piano Technician, and Master Piano Technician Jim Busby. A full description is on this site’s Home page. After many years of teaching piano technology to others Jim decided that there must be a better way to disseminate this knowledge. The result is something that is Affordable - Portable - and Dynamic, or easily upgradable.

In a nutshell, with iBooks you can read text, view pictures and/or videos, and one of the best features is that the author can edit the book at any time and the reader does not need to buy another book! Upgrades are immediately available with no charge.

Piano Technician Tutorials are purchased from the iTune store. (Need to provide link to the store.)

Mac or Windows Desktop, iPad or iPhone.

At this time, Piano Technician Tutorials ebooks are only available through iBooks.

Yes! One of the beauties of iBooks is that the iBook can easily be edited and you will automatically be notified within the iBooks app of updates.

Not to worry! When you buy from iTunes, your ebook is yours and you can reload it anytime.