Key Bushings:
Field repairs, new set installation, and ways to prolong bushing life

Key bushings are often neglected but are an extremely important part of the “feel” that pianists experience. Developing the skill to do it the “right way” actually takes less time than you think! Jim takes you through a proven installation method that will ensure a perfect fit, and eliminate friction problems. Mortise sizing, balance rail hole sizing and repair, and many other topics are addressed in this must have ebook.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 - Evaluating and diagnosing

  • A: Front rail (FR) side to side “tick”
  • B: Balance rail (BR): visual check, and the “paper trick”
  • C: BR pin condition: treatment, or replacement?
  • D: “While you’ve got the hood up…”

Chapter 2 - In-the-field repairs

  • A: Step by step single bushing replacement
  • B: Shoulders on the BR?
  • C: “Sizing” the bushing
  • D: Turn the pin? Really?

Chapter 3 - New bushings: Set installation in less than two hours

  • A: Step by step instructions
  • B: Gaining speed through proper techniques
  • C: Four common errors, and how to avoid them
  • D: Sizing the new bushings

Chapter 4 - Dealing with “oddities”

  • A: Small historical pins/bushings
  • B: Harpsichords
  • C: Historical instruments
  • D: Resources

Chapter 5 - Tips and secrets