A potpourri of information with no limits

A potpourri of information gained from over thirty years of experience. These tips can save you hours of grief, and reduce your time as a student in “the school of hard knocks”.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 - “Principles” of troubleshooting

  • A: First, let the client show you
  • B: Isolating problems systematically
  • C: Is it a problem, or a preference?
  • D: Common mistakes you shouldn’t make
  • E: Misc. tips and advice

Chapter 2 - Upright piano woes

  • A: Upright piano woes
  • B: Voicing
  • C: Tuning
  • D: Pedals, casters, and trapwork
  • E: Other

Chapter 3 - Grand piano issues

  • A: Regulation
  • B: Voicing
  • C: Tuning
  • D: Lyres, pedals, trapwork and casters
  • E: Other

Chapter 4 - Squeaks, groans, and other noises

  • A: A catalog of noises
  • B: Sympathetic noise and other non-piano issues
  • C: When the owner hears it, and you don’t
  • D: Don’t lubricate first!
  • E: Using Protek CLP as a “diagnostic” tool
  • F: Fix it, once and for all!

Chapter 5 - Benches, music desks, and legs

  • A: Benches
  • B: Music desks, hinges, etc.
  • C: Loose legs

Chapter 6 - Miscellaneous

  • A: “Ask the experts”
  • B: Developing a network of troubleshooters
  • C: What to do when you just can’t find/fix it
  • D: A potpourri of ideas