Turning a mine field into a level playing field

Rather than a full treatise on touchweighting, this is Jim’s way to make any piano better by making vastly needed improvements where it really counts. Jim shows you why he is called upon by local dealers to change pianos from something customers cringe at to “Sold”.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction

  • A: Is this rocket science?
  • B: What can touchweighting do, and NOT do?
  • C: Four formulas to know
  • D: Addressing specific problems and why they're there
  • E: Hammer selection and touchweight
  • F: Tools and materials needed

Chapter 2 - Taking accurate measurements

  • A: Weights and scales
  • B: What measurements do I need?
  • C: Making new parts
  • D: Putting the numbers to work

Chapter 3 - Working with key leads

  • A: Why aren't they “correct”
  • B: Methods to add lead and take lead out
  • C: Don’t crack the key! But when you do…

Chapter 4 - “Removing mines from the mine field”